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Many companies have air conditioning, heating and other air vents, systems made up of ventilation ducts. Their existence ruined, in many cases, they are not taken into account when doing a deep cleaning. That is why, from our company, we will spoil the reasons why it is important to keep it clean ducts of Air purifiers:

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Over time, dirt, dust and other microorganisms present in the air, accumulate in the ventilation ducts, being an idyllic place for the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. Without realizing it, the air we breathe in the premises is affected by these particles, directly affecting the health of the workers. Those who suffer most from this air pollution are people allergic to dust or with respiratory problems.

On the other hand, this accumulation can lead to other damages to workers. The sum of particles obstructs the entry and exit of the ventilation ducts and can lead to a local fire. To avoid this, we recommend that you organize a periodic clean ducts of the ventilation systems to avoid unnecessary risks. It is essential to clean ducts, the filters, and the air inlet and outlet. Therefore, it will need to be uncapped and removed from the bars to begin clean ducts and vents effectively. Therefore, we conclude that cleaning does not have to be only external but also internal to avoid any type of problem that may arise.

Importance of Sanitizing Air Conditioning Clean Ducts

Society is increasingly aware of the importance of breathing clean air, free of pollutants, microbes, bacteria and other elements in suspension, which can cause us serious, sometimes chronic diseases.

Fortunately, regulations are being developed and implemented globally to regulate the maintenance and hygiene of air conditioning systems.

The World Health Organization defines Sick Building Syndrome as the set of diseases caused by indoor air pollution, which can be caused by suspended particles, fungi, microbes or bacteria.

Good maintenance of the air conditioning systems and air conditioning ducts based on current regulations is the best guarantee for good indoor air quality.

How Does Clean Duct and Vent Works

There are two ways to clean ducts and vents. A system is attached to the duct to provide suction. A high-pressure air hose passes through the duct to remove the particles inside. The other system uses a large specialized vacuum connected to a hose and a brushing system that passes through the ducts. Both systems are effective when operated by properly trained personnel.

Proper clean ducts and vents should include the following: cleaning of all registers, inside ducts, and inside the heating and ventilation system.

The oven fan should be cleaned, and if you have air conditioning or a heat pump, the coils inside the system should also be thoroughly cleaned. Finally, a disinfectant can be sprayed through the cleaned system to remove any remaining mold, bacteria, and dust mites. If you have not had your dryer ducts inspected or cleaned recently, do not hesitate to contact the indoor air specialists at our company. We would be happy. To answer all your questions and help you ensure the proper functioning of your dryer and the quality of the air in your interior!

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