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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

In order to ensure compliance with requirements for a comfortable indoor environment, humidity monitoring instruments, and also some   CO2 sensors and temperature, are used to track air quality.  Although the optimum regulation of humidity, CO2, and temperature content by evaluating air quality indoor is more efficient to fulfill the challenges of several people than absolute temperature control, well-being is the result of interactions of many parameters.

What Effect Does Humidity Have On Air Quality?

Supply ventilation systems regulate airflow based on the people in a given space. The target is to have a clean and safe environment for the residents by power ventilation.

Better indoor environmental quality is described as follows by the European standard EN 13779: 2007: “The Concentration of co2 can be used to classify air quality.” This statement is required for the success of supply ventilation, which involves measuring CO2 levels and controlling ventilation accordingly. The regulation also establishes the normal Co2 levels for indoors, which is significantly greater than the standard Concentration of co2 from the outside air. Modern ventilation service are based on the assumptions throughout the order to provide adequate indoor environmental quality while remaining energy efficient.

Important Of Air Quality

However, it is mostly valid in work environments with advanced ventilation systems. For normal office settings, field studies indicate a Co2 level of 1,500 ppm. This number might seem huge, however, the recommended limit for humans is also much greater: 5,000 parts per million of Co2 over an eight-hour span.

At a Concentration of co2 of 1,400 ppm indoors, efficiency in cognitive abilities such as crisis response, knowledge usage, and strategic planning drop to just 20% of performance level when compared with a normal concentration of 400 ppm outdoors. A few of the mechanical abilities, such as searching for knowledge and orienting oneself to a task, are unaffected. The cognitive abilities that involve a more complicated application of knowledge are the ones that take the brunt of the harm. As indoors carbon dioxide concentrations increase, interacting with more challenging activities becomes much more difficult. Accurate indoor environmental quality measurements and improved ventilation are important to office workers’ cognitive abilities.

For calculating humidity level, temperature, and Carbon dioxide content indoors, the HVAC service, MD provides a variety of portable and static sensors. Take a look at our complete line of HVAC products.

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