Installation And Repair Of Boilers

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If you’re looking for a boilermaker who specializes in boiler construction, repair, and maintenance, you’ve come to the right place; we perform installations and repair of boilers.

We have experience with a variety of boilers, including gas, diesel, electric, and biomass boilers; we can handle the entire installation and provide advice; and we work with the best brands on the market, including Ferroli, Junkers, and Saunier Duval, among others.


A boiler may also be mounted on the wall, parallel to the ground, which is known as a mural, or it can be placed upright or on the surface that is raised, or on a bench a few centimeters from the ground.

Low, medium, and high-temperature boilers can be classified as per the working temperature, with the latter reaching 90 degrees, but for household use, medium-temperature boilers are by far the most preferred.

Since a successful installation is linked to the performance and energy quality of these products, and the aim is to save as much money as possible on your bills, we maximize our installations and do not fail.

If your boiler breaks down, call us and one of our operators will come to your home to diagnose the problem and fix it right away.


Effective Maintenance For Efficient Operation

Something as essential as the efficient working of heating devices and district heating production, both diesel or gas, is critical for optimum efficiency and therefore energy savings, which can be seen on your fuel bill, as well as user protection.

For several years, major corporations have performed this type of maintenance by maintenance contracts, which are then subcontracted to third parties. These “mass” maintenance contracts result in a large number of customers. Those who perform the aforementioned repairs, which is virtually impossible to do correctly in a timely manner. So much so that if any of you have this sort of contract, you would have been able to check that it is normally a “lightning” visit in which the technician arrives to uncover the boiler, pass a brush, perform the combustion test, and then leaves until the next year.


Given the value of proper maintenance, this practice leaves many too many procedures in the inkwell, which can never be guaranteed to function correctly. We plan to progress day by day, to include consistency and safety in our maintenance and/or repair interventions, devoting the time each installation takes. For proper service, depending on the state and requirements.

Giving the client the option of contacting the technician immediately if he notices anything that he believes is not being done properly or still needs to be done during the technician’s visit (before the technician leaves the home). HVAC Service MD has a responsible individual who can personally inspect the home to ensure that all of the installation’s maintenance specifications are met, either by a maintenance contract or a particular action of revision or repair.

Our Goal

To provide effective maintenance so that your installation runs efficiently, consuming the fuel required for optimal performance as specified by the device’s manufacturer, which will undoubtedly save you money on your bill while also increasing the device’s durability. of the installation and devices installed in it.

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We’ll recommend the maintenance plan that’s right for your type of installation; you’ll only pay for what you need when you need it, and if you don’t want to take out insurance, we’ll help you out with our 24-hour assistance service for urgent repairs and if you need specific maintenance.


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