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It’s easy to control the temperature in your home with your thermostat. This wall-mounted unit allows you to program your air conditioner or radiator to the desired temperature. Choose a smart model and you can enjoy additional benefits, such as the ability to adjust the temperature from the comfort of your bed.

Your thermostat is like the control center of the microclimate in your home. Your comfort depends on him. We offer you some tips that will allow you to adjust the thermostats so that the temperature in your home is comfortable at all times.

Thermostat Maintenance
Thermostat Repair

How To Test The Thermostat Thermometer

Your thermostat’s thermometer must be precisely set to keep the temperature in your home comfortable and constant, to the degree you set.

How To do

Do this test every fall, before the start of the heating season.

On the wall, near your thermostat, place a simple household thermometer that you know to be accurate.

Allow the household thermometer to acclimate for about 15 minutes, the time it takes to accurately measure the degree of temperature.

Compare the reading on your home thermometer with the temperature indicated by the thermostat.

If the difference between the two is more than five degrees, adjust the thermometer on the thermostat.

How To Set The Anticipator

A thermostat’s heat anticipator tells it to stop heating a little before the temperature you set is reached. In this way, the residual heat generated by the heating system will help to reach the temperature degree you have determined. Otherwise, without the anticipator, the residual heat would overheat your home beyond the desired temperature.

If the anticipator is poorly adjusted, your heating system turns on too often or not often enough.

How To Solve The Problem

Open the thermostat by removing its cover.

If the heating system turns on too often, adjust the anticipator pointer to a higher level than the one to which it is already adjusted.

If the heating system does not turn on often enough, adjust the anticipator pointer to a level lower than it is already adjusted.

How To Adjust The Thermostat

To properly set the thermostat, first carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.

How To Do

Open the thermostat by removing its cover.

If necessary, unscrew the plate that supports the functional parts of the unit.

The thermostat thermometer is usually made up of a bi-metallic coil, the parts of which expand or contract when heated or cooled.

The contraction or extension of these elements triggers a switch (sometimes a mercury bulb) that turns the heating system on or off.

To adjust the thermometer, turn the adjustment screw or nut either way using a small screwdriver or needle nose pliers.


Replacing Your Thermostat

The latest generation of thermostats offer a wide range of options that allow them to be individually programmed. With 7-day programming, an Energy Star programmable thermostat can save you around $ 150 per year.

Make sure that the new thermostat you will install operates at the same voltage as the one you are replacing and that it is compatible with your HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning).

In some cases, you will need to hire an electrician to install new wiring.

Thermostat Maintenance

How To Do

Replacing a mechanical thermostat with an electronic one is quite simple and does not take a lot of time.

Turn off the power to the heater and / or air conditioner.

Remove the cover from the old thermostat.

Remove the thermostat by unscrewing and removing the wall plate, if there is one.

Disconnect the electrical wires.

If the wires are not color coded, label each one according to the terminal to which it was connected.

To prevent electrical wires from slipping through the access hole, secure them with a clothespin or tie them around a pencil.

Slide the wires through the wall plate of the new thermostat.

Place the new plate on the wall and mark the location of the mounting holes. Use wall plugs and screws to firmly secure the plate to the wall.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting the electrical wires to the terminals of the new unit. Install the back-up batteries if there are any and replace the thermostat on the wall plate.

Restore power to the system and program your new thermostat.

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