It is essential to clean ducts & ventilation pipes on a regular basis. Dirt, dust, and other debris accumulated in them over time. Metal pipes rust, and moisture may get inside, encouraging the growth of bacteria and rust. Regrettably, all of this, along with the air, enters the lungs of the people who live in those homes. 

clean ducts

Corporations that Clean circulation systems have concentrated robots with micro-cameras that can pass through the channels & provide a picture of what is going on inside them.

Methods Of Cleaning Ventilation Ducts

The construction manager is in charge of keeping the ventilation ducts clean. Legal regulations obliging him to maintain adequate ventilation conditions have become more strict in this regard over time. To complete this task, he enlists the assistance of the experts. They begin by assessing the state of the channels.

They choose the best cleaning tool until they understand what’s going on inside them. The dry scrub method is most often used for this. A hard-bristled brush is used to clean pipes and ducts. Everything it comes across in its course would be scrapped. It’s extremely successful.

Compressed air or even a special vacuum cleaner may be used to clean pipes, but this is not as effective as scrubbing. Ventilation devices are seldom, though sometimes, wet-cleaned. The fear of leaks and flooding the rooms is the main reason for this. Disinfecting pipes is also an option.

The clean duct system is cleaned in three stages:

  1. Initial diagnosis – inspection: visual or vision recognition, i.e. using a channel emission status camera to determine the form of contamination.
  2. Proper cleaning: after deciding on a form that takes into consideration the installation’s state.
  3. Evaluation: Ventilation systems must be tested on a regular basis, at least once a year.

The robots evaluate the condition of streams again after cleaning. If any dirt remains, it is cleaned until it is no longer useful.

Cleaning the channels may be done either dry or wet:

  1. Mechanical cleaning with spinning brushes mounted on the drive shaft, powered electrically or pneumatically, and cleaning with compressed air or suction air are two dry methods for cleaning ventilation ducts (vacuum cleaners)
  2. Steam washing and chemical cleaning (including disinfection) are two wet methods for clean duct ventilation.

Impact Of Clean Duct 

Cleaning the air ducts on a regular basis has a direct effect on human health. Asthmatics & allergy sufferers find breathing polluted air very painful. Tidying the apartment thoroughly does not help if dust continues to reach the air from the ventilation system. Tidying the sewers allows new, clean air to flow in the house, which has a positive impact on the residents’ well-being and health.


Inner air is a large topic that gains traction when something distressing occurs. Mold blooms on walls, foggy windows, musty odors, and eventually mold blooms on windows. However, we must be conscious of what we inhale on a daily basis. We also don’t know that headaches, nausea, or drowsiness are often symptoms of poor indoor air quality.

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