Tips For Pet Owners On HVAC Maintenance

hvac maintenance

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning):

Millions of Americans like having a pet dog or cat (and billions across the world). Companionship is essential for human well-being, and animals such as cats, dogs, and even hamsters supply it in the abundance of HVAC Maintenance.

They’re also a never-ending source of pet hair for you. Pet hair accumulates when your dog or cat, whom you adore, takes a romp on the carpet. Your hamster cage or rabbitbrush releases pet hair into the air.

It gets caught in the fabric and falls to the ground along with the dust. Every time you take a step or sit on the couch, it shoots up and lands in your HVAC system, precisely like dust. Pet hair can have a considerable impact on the air quality in your house, especially if someone in your family is allergic to it.

hvac maintenance

HVAC Maintenance: Improve The Efficiency Of Your Air Filter

In the realm of allergies, pet dander is one of the most well-known. Even though pollen comes in countless kinds, Nearly a quarter of the population suffers from allergies, and having a pet at home increases their exposure to allergens. This is a solid incentive to spend more money on higher-quality filters.

The efficiency of air filters is measured by MERV ratings, which stand for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.

HVAC Checkups Every Two Years:

Finally, make sure to perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system. In addition to the love they bring, pets add extra strain on your HVAC system because they shed a lot of hair. Once or twice a year, get your HVAC system inspected and tuned up by a professional.

Bring up the fact that you have a pet with the inspector so they can check to see if pet hair is getting caught in anything.

Air Filters Should Be Replaced More Frequently:

It’s a good idea to check your home for a possible source of filter-clogging material (pet hair and dander). Once again, it makes sense to assume that your filters will fill up faster than they would in a typical fur-free home.

As a result, cut the estimated timeframe for filter changes in half. If your HVAC Maintenance or filters recommend changing the filter every three months, try every two months or two and a half months instead.

Be on the lookout for indicators that your filters have become clogged with pet hair, which means it’s time to replace them. Shortly, you’ll have the ability to put a date on your new pace to remember it. Filters should be matched to the shed rate.

If your pet sheds on a seasonal basis, you should time the replacement of the filter to coincide with the shedding. When the fluffy dogs start to shed their winter coats in the spring. Filters should be changed more frequently in the spring and fall when shedding is slower.

You’ll be able to tell how fast your dog sheds by how often you have to brush him and how much fur you get rid of in one brushing session.

hvac maintenance

Regularly Vacuum And Edge The Home:

Hair and dander are drawn into your home via the air intake system. To increase the air quality in your home, you want it to be since it collects all of the dust and allergies. However, by vacuuming up as much pet hair as possible, you can extend the life of each filter in HVAC Maintenance.

In addition to brushing your pet regularly, vacuuming at least twice a week will help you collect all of the hair. The danger that’s already made its way into the carpet and furnishings may become airborne again very fast.

In case of an emergency, you can also rely on us to meet all of your Germantown MD HVAC service needs for air conditioning, heating, and ventilation.

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