What Is HVAC System And How It Works In Industrial Environments

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The acronym HVAC is Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, it refers to the basic and primordial functions of HVAC systems. There are 3 central functions of the HVAC system. Together they make up a system responsible for ensuring thermal comfort to users of the environments, high air quality, in addition to allowing control over some variables related to the air.

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The inclusion of “R”, as the 4th acronym: HVAC-R or AVAC-R, concerns the Refrigeration function.

In this article, you will find an overview of the HVAC system and how it works?

Functionalities Of The HVAC System

A or H: It refers to the heating function responsible for keeping the air temperature stable on cold days. This function corrects low temperatures, bringing greater comfort to people in these climatic conditions. Used to retain the highest mean humidity of the air.

V: It stands for Ventilation and it plays a role in the regeneration of oxygen and encourages air circulation, removes the same odors and dirt, for instance, gasses such as CO2 from increasing their absorption in the ecosystem.

AC: The air conditioning system controls the temperature and promotes ventilation and cooling of the environment. In regards, air filters are generally implanted in the air conditioning materials. These perform the removal of impurities and air contaminants harmful to health.

A : The refrigerant erases heat from the ecosystem, manages and maintains low temperatures, cools the air unnaturally. Certainly essential in some applications such as the food and refrigerator industries, where the low temperature guarantees food preservation.

In addition, it is worth remembering that this system is part of one of the Air Conditioning functions.

How Exactly Does The Industrial HVAC System Works

The combination of all these functions in a single system promotes air stability in places that require extreme control of all variables that are connected to the air, such as in clean rooms and pharmaceutical industries, which are critical environments that require high air quality (current standards were created to establish strict parameters regarding the level of air temperature, humidity and suspended particle count in these environments).

HVAC equipment meets all these requirements in a precise and safe manner, providing renewal and air conditioning.

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Used mainly in industries (of different branches), as well as in shopping malls, offices, buildings, and even homes, the HVAC system provides:

  • Air filtration
  • Renovation of ambient air
  • Retention of dust particles
  • Minimization of fungi and bacteria
  • Thermal comfort
  • A decrease in cases of allergic and respiratory diseases

HVAC Maintenance

Efficiency: HVAC maintenance can reduce up to 20% of the “effort” that the HVAC system needs to make to function properly daily.

  • Repairs: By periodically planning HVAC maintenance, you will considerably reduce the chances of emergency and more costly repairs over time. 
  • Air quality: with the routine cleaning of the air conditioning system, the ambient air that is fed by the HVAC shows a quality improvement, since dust, dirt in general, and other components are eliminated. 
  • Energy bill: Any HVAC system that works properly, without overloading the system, consumes less energy
  • Lifetime: as it couldn’t be different, this is another great benefit of HVAC maintenance. Periodic preventive maintenance is directly related to the useful life of any equipment. With these actions, we can avoid unexpected and high expenses.

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Why Maintain Your HVAC System?

Maintaining your HVAC machinery in great repair could save you more than cash and effort; it could save you health. Assume lounging in your convenient residence in the middle of the winter if your temperature pump keeps failing or getting ready for a warm-weather party if your air conditioning system fails.

Scurrying to discover an Air conditioner technician already when you possess the to tolerate the irritation of disintegration can be time-consuming and frustrating. Employing reliable HVAC maintenance can help to avoid HVAC from repairing emergency cases.

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