What Types Of Filters Are Used In Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning in an apartment is usually installed for several reasons, including in order to maintain the appropriate temperature in the room or to purify the air. There are also several types of filters that are placed in these types of devices. They differ in physical and chemical properties. Their choice depends primarily on the air conditioner you have, and the effective operation allows you to eliminate mechanical impurities, but also to neutralize viruses, fungi and dangerous allergens.

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Types Of Filters In Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning In The Apartment  – Air Filter

It is located in every air conditioning unit. We distinguish several types: anti-dust, mesh, mechanical. At this stage, the air is pre-cleaned so that larger dirt particles do not get to other parts of the air conditioner. Simply put, the air filter is responsible for removing dust and dirt to ensure proper airflow.

Air Conditioning In The Apartment – Air Purifying Filter

Its task is to catch smaller particles of pollution and neutralize unpleasant odours, such as cigarette smoke. Often, for this reason, the apartments are air-conditioned, and filters catching particles harmful to health from the air, at least partially solve this growing problem. 

The problem of smog appears mainly in the winter, which means that the level of air quality is automatically reduced. Therefore, the use of purge filters allows for a significant improvement in the inhaled air. An appropriate filter will take care of the health of the household, thanks to which we will quickly forget what is malaise and headaches caused by too high concentration of harmful substances in the air.

Air Conditioning In The Apartment – Antibacterial Filter

It is an element of advanced devices used for air purification. We can distinguish here biofilters and photocatalytic filters. The former contains plant extracts that remove bacteria, mites and viruses from the air. What substances are responsible for it? It is catechin – extract from tea leaves and vassals – Japanese horseradish, with bactericidal properties. 


On the other hand, photocatalytic filters are used only in the third stage of air purification. Here the light, with the support of titanium oxide or a titanium apatite element, annihilates viruses and bacteria. Antibacterial filters have cleansing, bactericidal and sterilizing properties. Their task is primarily to limit the growth of bacteria. It is worth knowing that the efficiency of these filters oscillates around 95%. Antibacterial filters require frequent replacement.

How To Choose An Air Conditioner Filter?

It is worth paying attention to the diverse offer available on the market. Air conditioning in the apartment should primarily be adapted to the needs of residents and the quality of the air that is filtered. Activated carbon is often used to clean the air. It is an excellent odour absorber. The same is the case with ion filters. In turn, the plasma filter will cope with such problematic pollutants as mites, hair, dust, soot, fungi, pollen. It is worth remembering that such elements should be replaced with new ones from time to time.

Lack of maintenance of the air conditioner or infrequent replacement of filters may lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi. If there is an unpleasant smell coming from the device in the room where the air conditioning is located, this is the first sign of neglect. You should urgently ask for help from a service technician who will clean and fungus the air conditioner in a proper way. Regular attention is essential to reaping the benefits. Even in the case of devices with a self-cleaning system, we should use the service’s help at least once a year.

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