Things To Know Before Restarting Your Summer AC

summer ac

To ensure that they get the most out of their unit, homeowners should know how to safeguard it over the winter months and what to watch for when turning it back on in the spring. Knowing when to call a professional is crucial, especially if your air conditioner(summer ac) is exhibiting symptoms of a potential problem following the winter season.

The initial blast of cool air from your air conditioner is a welcome to the spring and summer seasons, but if your air conditioner isn’t working correctly, the shift to the warmer months can be difficult.

Here are a few pointers to help you and your air conditioner get a good start on the summer ac.

summer ac

What Are My Winter Maintenance Options?

Getting Rid of Those Covers is a must

While using a cover to shield your unit from the elements during the winter months may seem like a good idea, covers can lead to moisture build-up and premature rust, which can lead to serious long-term problems.

Maintain the Condenser’s Cleanliness

Because dust is drawn into the unit from the outside, it’s critical to spray it out rather than driving it deeper into the coil. Cleaning your outdoor condenser is as simple as lifting the top and spraying the dust from the inside out with a garden hose. Even softer chemicals must be cleaned correctly to avoid causing damage to the equipment.

Summer AC maintenance should always include professional cleaning to maintain the safety and performance of your unit.

When Should I Contact The Professionals?

Noise Pollution

This is very normal behavior. Excessive noise, on the other hand, could indicate a faulty fan blade or a more serious issue. When used, older compressors might create a little amount of noise.

Excessive Motion

It may have been out-of-balance blades that can be changed without requiring any motor parts to be changed, sparing you time and money. If your device wobbles, it could mean there’s a problem with the motor shaft, which has to be serviced or replaced.

If strange noises are heard, homeowners should turn off the unit and have it serviced right once. Condenser motors frequently fail with a crash, resulting in a loud screaming noise.

When I Return It On, What Should I Do?

The larger of the two Copper Lines should be felt.

If the line is “refrigerator cool,” it’s a good sign that the device is in good functioning order. One of the most efficient ways to test your AC after turning. It back on in the spring is to inspect the long copper cable coming from the unit. But keep in mind that even a cold line can’t tell you everything, therefore annual service with refrigerant level checks is recommended.

Trim Back the Plants Around the Unit

This will prevent branches or debris from restricting airflow to the unit, as well as from entering inside the unit and disrupting its operation. Over the winter, any foliage that has formed all around the device should be cut back a minimum of 12 inches from the machine’s sides. The efficiency of the system will be harmed if pet hair or yard debris coats the coils of the condenser or builds up inside the unit.

summer ac

Look for signs of heat coming from the unit.

If the heat coming from the top of the condenser is warmer than the outside temperature, heat transfer from the house is taking place. While the unit is running, check the temperature of the air being blown out by the outdoor condenser’s fan to see if it is working.

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